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IESEM was founded in 2018 in Barcelona as a result of an ambitious teamwork of musicologists who wish to promote new collaborative research projects in order to go in depth in the study of the relationships between music and other arts, culture and society. It is a space open to researchers from different fields of knowledge, where the incorporation of new research tools, approaches, perspectives and methodologies of the human and social sciences is promoted, with the aim of publishing not only the results of the researches, but also some of the fundamental texts for the aesthetic and social understanding of the musical evolution that have remained unpublished in Catalan until now.

Portada Debussy Monsieur Croche - català


Monsieur Croche, antidiletant

ISBN: 978-84-946213-6-9

Translation: Vicent Minguet and Sebastià Moranta

Edition: December 2018

154 pages.

A century after his death, Debussy continues to be a model for the search for discipline in freedom, a renewal of the tradition that struggled between the liberating impulse of imagination and the oppressor yoke of a twilight. The result was a unique work, whose influence on subsequent musical creation has far exceeded all expectations.


Claude Debussy was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1862 and died in Paris in 1918. Considered today as one of the most original and influential voices of western music of the Twentieth-Century, Debussy worked sporadically —between 1901 and 1914— as a music critic and reviewer in several French magazines, from which he openly criticized with harshness the foundations of the order and the musical institutions of his time. The texts of Monsieur Croche, antidiletant (1921), for the first time translated into Catalan with a penetrating introduction signed by Vicent Minguet, collect some of the main articles and columns published in the press, and are a clear example of the firm desire for aesthetic renewal that shaped Debussy's ideas about artistic and musical creation.